10 Latest Job Posts For Graduates & Experienced 2024

The employment landscape in India is teeming with prospects, especially within the multinational corporation (MNC) realm. MNCs present a wide array of job positions spanning across diverse industries, drawing in adept professionals from various backgrounds. Within this piece, we aim to shed light on the most recent ten MNC job listings in India, offering a glimpse into the prerequisites and qualifications desired by these esteemed establishments. Ranging from software engineering and data science to marketing and finance, these available job vacancies demonstrate the extensive range of opportunities accessible to talented individuals seeking to advance their careers in the corporate sphere.

Here are the latest 10 MNC job posts:

Sr. Software Design Engineer at Amazon

  • Location: Bangalore, India
  • Experience: 5+ years
  • Education: B.Tech/M.Tech in Computer Science or related field
  • Skills: Java, Python, AWS, Cloud Computing

Cyber Security Engineer at Infosys

  • Location: Gurgaon, India
  • Experience: 3+ years
  • Education: B.Tech/M.Tech in Computer Science or related field
  • Skills: Network Security, Vulnerability Management, Incident Response

Data Scientist at IBM

  • Location: Mumbai, India
  • Experience: 2+ years
  • Education: M.S. in Data Science or related field
  • Skills: Python, R, Machine Learning, Data Mining

Product Manager at Google

  • Location: Hyderabad, India
  • Experience: 3+ years
  • Education: MBA in Marketing or related field
  • Skills: Product Management, Agile Development, User Experience

Marketing Manager at Microsoft

  • Location: Pune, India
  • Experience: 2+ years
  • Education: MBA in Marketing or related field
  • Skills: Marketing Strategy, Digital Marketing, Brand Management

Sales Manager at TCS

  • Location: Delhi, India
  • Experience: 5+ years
  • Education: MBA in Sales or related field
  • Skills: Sales Strategy, Account Management, Customer Relationship Management

HR Manager at Wipro

  • Location: Chennai, India
  • Experience: 4+ years
  • Education: MBA in HR or related field
  • Skills: HR Strategy, Talent Acquisition, Employee Relations

Finance Manager at L&T

  • Location: Mumbai, India
  • Experience: 3+ years
  • Education: MBA in Finance or related field
  • Skills: Financial Analysis, Budgeting, Forecasting

Operations Manager at ITC

Location: Kolkata, India

Experience: 5+ years

Education: MBA in Operations or related field

Skills: Supply Chain Management, Inventory Management, Quality Control

IT Manager at Bharti Airtel

  • Location: Delhi, India
  • Experience: 7+ years
  • Education: MBA in IT or related field
  • Skills: IT Infrastructure Management, IT Security, IT Service Delivery

These are just a few of the many MNC job openings available in India. To find more jobs, you can search on job boards like Naukri, Indeed, and LinkedIn. You can also contact staffing agencies or search directly on the websites of MNCs that you are interested in working for.thumb_upthumb_downuploadGoogle itmore_vert


The MNC job market in India is thriving, with numerous employment opportunities across different domains. This article presented a snapshot of the latest 10 job posts in prominent MNCs, highlighting the specific locations, experience requirements, educational qualifications, and key skills sought by these companies.

To explore additional job opportunities, individuals can utilize popular job boards such as Naukri, Indeed, and LinkedIn. Additionally, contacting staffing agencies or directly visiting the websites of MNCs of interest can provide further avenues for job search and career advancement. With a diverse range of roles available, MNCs continue to be a sought-after destination for professionals looking to make their mark in the corporate landscape.

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