How To See All Comments On Facebook – Best Solution 2022

Looking at all the comments on Facebook is a great way to see what people are talking about. You can also see how people are related to each other and what they’re working on. It’s very helpful to see what is being done in the industry.

So, I started using Facebook because of Instagram. I used to have a website and then when I came up with Instagram, I was like, “Oh, this is really cool. I’m an artist.” So I used Instagram, and it really helped me connect with my audience.

I can see how things are going. If I have ideas for a book, I can put it on Instagram, and people can follow me there. I can see my progress, and I can see if people are interested in it, and if they are, I can get more information.

It’s really helpful to be able to look at all the comments and seeing what people are talking about. I feel like Instagram is actually helping me a lot.

I’m glad that you’re working on it because I think it’s a great opportunity to promote your work.

Facebook change most relevant to all comments

Facebook has announced a new feature that will make it easier for users to see all comments on their page. This change is most relevant to parents who want to understand what their children are saying about a topic.

Previously, Facebook was only allowing users to see the initial comments of posts. This change will make it easier for users to read the entire thread and understand the opinions of others.

Facebook is increasing its focus on audience, and this change will help them reach more people. It’s an important step for Facebook to take because it has been losing popularity due to a lack of engagement. The move will help Facebook to increase its numbers and make it easier for users to engage with the social media platform.

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Facebook default to all comments

Facebook default to all comments when you sign up for the site. This can be a problem if you want to read or reply to comments from people who you know. To fix this, you can change Facebook’s settings.

You can change Facebook’s settings to display the comments you receive. You might want to change this because if you have a lot of people commenting on your posts, it can be difficult to read all the comments.

Facebook’s default is to display all comments, so there’s no need to do anything. In order to view the comments from the people you know, you’ll need to change your privacy settings on Facebook.

If you don’t know who the commenter is, you can click on their name to see what they said. How do I comment on someone else’s post? If you want to let others know that another person has commented on your page, you need to go to the Comments tab and select Reply.

How to find someone’s comments on facebook

If you’re looking to see all the comments your friends and family have made on Facebook, it’s a great way to do so. But before you can start using this feature, be sure to set up your account and login. Here are a few tips for doing so:

1) Log in to Facebook

2) Click on the three lines in the top left corner of your screen and select “Comments.”

3) Under “Comments Type,” you’ll find a variety of options, including “Post,” “Reply,” and “Liked.” After you’ve selected one of these options, click on the blue check mark next to it. This will take you to the comment section where all of your friends and family are able to write their thoughts.

4) If there are any comments that interest you, be sure to click on them!

What are the different ways to see comments on Facebook?

Facebook allows users to publish comments on any post. Comments can be left on posts, pages, and groups. Users can also leave Comments on specific pages or posts. Commenting on a post will open up a new window with all of the comments for that post.

You can also see all of the comments for that page or post in the “Comments” section of your Facebook page. How do I leave a comment on Facebook? You can leave a comment on any post, page, or group.

Comments are private and only visible to the person who posted them. Your privacy is important, so don’t share your password with anyone. When you leave a comment on a post, it will appear below the post.

You can reply to other comments as well. In order for your comment to appear, it must be left after the post has been published.

How to search for specific comments and pages?

If you’re looking for specific comments or pages on Facebook, you can use a search engine. Here are eight tips to help you find what you’re looking for:

1. Find the page or comment that was posted first

2. Type the commenter’s name into a search engine

3. Use keywords or phraseology related to the commenter’s post

4. Check relevant Facebook Pages and Comments for similar posts

5. Try using a different browser extension or tool for different search engines (like Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc.)

6. Click on the Comment Editor link underneath a comment to view it in full screen.

7. Click on the Comments tab at the top of a Facebook Page to see all comments.

8. Find out if anyone else has commented by going to their profile page and clicking on their name under “Contact”.

9. Find an image of the commenter and click on it to view it in a new tab/window.

10. Click on the “Share” button at the top of any Facebook Page to post the image.


How do I get Facebook to show all comments?

If you’re like most people, Facebook is a great way to keep in touch with friends and family. But if you want to see all the comments your friends and family have made on your posts, you’ll need to set up a separate account for each one of them.

You can do this by going to Facebook’s settings and clicking on the “accounts” tab. There, you’ll find a list of all of your Facebook accounts, as well as each of your friends’ accounts.

Once you’ve identified which account has the comment box open, click on that account’s name and select “add comment.” If everything looks good at this point, you’ll be able to add a new comment just like any other post.

But don’t worry if something goes wrong— Facebook will help troubleshoot any issues so that your comments are always visible to everyone!

Why is Facebook not showing all comments?

Facebook is not always displaying all comments. Sometimes, the site might show only the first 10 or 15 commenters, and then it will close any further responses. This can be a frustrating experience for those who want to see all the commentary on a post. Here are some tips to help you get around this issue:

1. Open Facebook and sign in

2. Type “comments” into the top left corner of the page and hit enter

3. If you only have limited comments space, you can try scrolling down to see all comments by subject or by date range (if they’re available). If that doesn’t work, you can also try refreshing your page or signing out and back in again.

4. You can also search for specific comments by using the keyboard shortcut “?comments?” or by keyword (e. g., comments about #taylorfrenay).

5. To delete an entire comment, click on the appropriate text and then choose Delete from the menu (you can also do this from the main page). If you want to delete more than one, click on each individual comment and select Delete.

Why is Facebook only showing most relevant comments?

Facebook is a social networking site that allows users to connect with each other. People can post comments and share updates on their pages. The site shows the most relevant comments first. This is because Facebook relies on people engaging with each other to continue growing the site.

People can use tools like Facebook Comment Filter to see all of the comments on their page. This will help them to see which ones are relevant and helpful to them. Comment Filter also lets you choose how many comments you want to see at a time.

How do I change Comment settings on Facebook?

Changing Comment settings on Facebook is a simple process that can make your account more user-friendly. It’s easy to change the Comment settings on Facebook by going to the Facebook page that you use for your main account and selecting the “commenting” tab. You’ll then need to select which type of comment you’d like to make.

How do I turn off most relevant comments?

There is no one definitive way to turn off most comments on Facebook, but some tips may help. First, you should check whether any comments are from people you want to follow or from people who have shared your post. If they are not from friends or family members, it may be best to refrain from commenting.

Additionally, you can try disabling comments completely by going to your settings and adjusting the “comments” setting to “off”.

Finally, if you find that someone is continuing to comment after they have been warned about potential negative consequences, you may want to report them.

How do I clear my Facebook cache?

Facebook caching is a feature that helps you keep your account current and easy to use. To clear your cache, open the Facebook app and click on the three lines in the top left corner of the main screen. On the left side of the screen, you will see a list of options called “Cache”. Choose one of these options to clear your cache:

1. Clear Cache – Clears your cache for all pages and apps on Facebook. This includes posts, pictures, and pages that are associated with your account. If you have set up multiple accounts on Facebook, this option will also clear those caches as well.

2. Clear History – Clears all history on Facebook for any posts or pages that have been added in the past 7 days.

How do I filter comments on my Facebook page?

There are a few ways to view all comments on your Facebook page. You can use the “Comments” tab on the right-hand side of your Facebook page, or you can use the “Comments” button at the top of every post.

If you use Comments, you can see all comments that have been made since you last logged in. If you use the “Comments” button at the top of every post, only comments that have been approved by Facebook will show up.


In conclusion, Facebook can be a great way to see comments on your post, but be aware of some potential pitfalls. For example, if you are not sure who wrote a comment, ask. Additionally, make sure to check the contact information for each commenter before responding.

Finally, use Facebook’s “Report Post” feature to get feedback from others about your post before you publish it.

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