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I am anuj kumar , the founder of assetkumar.com. I started my blogging career in 2021 itself. Today it has been 1 month since I got the approval of Google AdSense. Right now I am not earning much. But I have full hope that it will increase soon. I didn’t think to tell anything about myself yet. But I thought you must have known about me. Let me tell you about my 2 year blogging journey.

Friends, I am an Engineer. I have done my engineering from B.N College, Lucknow. However, I was less interested in engineering. I wanted to become a Businessman, Entrepreneur from the very beginning. That’s why I made many business ideas during my college days but they kept on spreading. Once upon a time I was very disappointed. Felt that now do some job and earn money and open your own online business.

After this my engineering was completed and a friend of mine and I made a plan to learn .NET. Although I was not interested in coding at all. But I had said yes to my friend just because of getting a good job.

After this I took permission from my house and had come to Noida. Here I faced some difficulties. Because my friend did not come with me. The day we were about to leave together, her grandmother’s health suddenly took a turn for the worse. So he stayed in Lucknow itself. Although my maternal uncle lived in Delhi. So I stayed with him for a few days.

Asset Kumar

I applied for job in many companies. But I didn’t get the job. So I was a little worried. I saw Satish Kushwaha’s YouTube channel at the same time. In it, he had told his one month’s earning of Rs 4 lakh. I was blown away. I just bought my laptop a few days back. So I quickly got a domain name from GoDaddy named technicalanuj.in. Bought it only for a month. Now GoDaddy took my money but I did not get the domain. I was very upset again.

After this I called their helpline number and told them all my problems.

Friends, the executive of GoDaddy consoled me and said that you will get your domain by evening. And as soon as I got my domain in my account, then my breath came in my breath. Now I have tried Hostinger which is the cheapest and best for beginners. This was chosen for hosting.

After that I had many more problems but I learned them all and today I am a good blogger. Friends, I used to write whatever came in my mind on technicalanuj.in. I had no idea of ​​SEO and content writing. I was not getting traffic, so I stopped blogging and started looking for a job again.

After this, when my (About Asset Kumar) friend did not come for 10 days, I blocked his phone number in anger. And I had come back to Lucknow without telling my home. There were two of my friends Faiz Hussain and Praveen Tiwari. I stayed with them for seven days. I had run out of money too. But I did not spend any money with them for seven days.

After this my friend told me about Paisabazaar.com company. I was very much in need of a job, so I joined it. It did not happen to me in the first time but it happened after giving the interview for the second time. At this time the havoc of Coronavirus was spreading all over the world. People were not getting jobs. But I was very happy to get the job.

After that I worked in Paisabazaar.com for 8 months. This gave me a lot of information. Friends, now I had money and I also had good knowledge of blogging. That’s why I launched assetkumar.com on 1st February. Now I started doing daily posting in it. Due to this, traffic started coming to me from US, India, Canada and many other countries.

After that I applied for Google AdSense. But he was rejected. So I was disappointed again. But I worked hard on this website. That’s why I was not letting it go like this. I watched many YouTube videos but even after that I did not get AdSense.

Now I refocused on my job and stopped posting in it. But still I was writing 3 or 4 posts in 1 week. Which is considered good.

Earlier I used to do English blogging. But when I came to know that Google gives AdSense to Hindi blogger quickly. So I deleted all my English posts and started writing blogs in Hindi again. After this I had a lot of problems with WordPress, Google Search Console. I started getting 404 errors. That’s why I fixed my entire website by giving it a day. After that I started doing Quality Content and SEO.

Now I once again applied for Google AdSense and I got Approval. Friends, I am very happy on this day. And now I thought that my earning is going to be in lakhs now. But it did not happen that still I was not getting good traffic. So I still have to do more work. I have now left my job. Now full focus has been put on this website.

Now I take great care of Daily Posting and SEO. With this both my Earning and Traffic are increasing.

Friends, you can easily earn 10 lakhs every month from blogging. For this Dedication, Consistency and Hard Work are required. If you work hard, you will definitely get success. You see many bloggers, they do not get much money for the first one year. But when DA and Traffic increase. So your earning keeps on increasing.

I also took many courses for blogging. And while learning from them I am still learning.

So friends, this was my little Blogging Journey. I hope you liked it. If you need any information, you can contact me through the email given below. I would be very happy to help you.

Thank you for giving your valuable time.

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